Some things are worth paying for.  When you are trying to find a place to learn Martial Arts, experienced instructors are an important thing to look for.  Seasoned instructors will have not only vast knowledge, but also experience and a proven record in training and competition.

Whether you are looking for kids, juniors or adults classes, here are some things to consider:

How many years has the instructor been teaching? Has he/she participated in competitive martial arts? Has he/she won tournaments or fights? Has he/she trained students who have won tournaments or fights? What awards or honors has he/she received?

At Family Jiu Jitsu & Karate in New Braunfels, our 3 instructors have over 110 years of teaching experience combined!  As a 10th Dan, a 9th Dan and a 5th Dan, they have garnered awards both nationally and internationally, trained hard their entire lives, and also trained scores of students who have won over and over again in competition. Many students have even gone on to open their own schools in locations across the country.

We strive to create well-rounded students trained in both Jiu Jitsu and Karate, so that they will be prepared to defend themselves, not only in competition, but in any real-life situation.  Our teachers are known for their passion, not only to teach Martial Arts, but to mentor their students in all areas of their lives.  We believe that Martial Arts is a life-long journey.

You may find a cheaper class somewhere down the street, but as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”  Wouldn’t you rather trust your education to someone who has dedicated their life to learning and teaching the arts? Come and experience for yourself the highest level of instruction offered for kids, juniors and adults in Jiu Jitsu, Karate and self defense. You won’t be disappointed! The first class is FREE!

Grand Master Chris Lopez: 10th Dan Texas Soryu Karate, Blue belt Jiu Jitsu, 50+ years teaching

Hanshi Jeff Bonugli:  9th Dan Texas Soryu Karate, Brown belt Jiu Jitsu, 40+ years teaching

Sensei Johnny Copado: 5th Dan Texas Soryu Karate, Blue belt Jiu Jitsu, 20+ years teaching