Adult Martial Arts training will teach you to defend yourself, and challenge your body and mind at the same time.
We help men and women with challenging but fun workouts and a practical set of skills – both mental and physical. At Family Jiu Jitsu, we train a wide range of students and invite all experience levels to check out these high-energy classes. Perfect for ages 15 and older!
Students come to Family Jiu Jitsu for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for a fun way to get in shape, some are looking for a new hobby, and some want to compete. From high-level competitions to everyday self-defense, we help men and women achieve their goals no matter what they might be.
Our system is a unique blend of stand-up Karate and traditional Jiu Jitsu that gives you a well-rounded approach to self-defense and pushes your body to be stronger and more efficient in everything you do.

Here are just a few of the benefits:
Sustainable fat burn and weight loss
Lean muscle growth and total-body strength
Effective self-defense strategies for all situations
Solid motivation week in and week out
Mental clarity
Stress relief
Higher energy levels
Improved sleep
Incredible self-confidence in everything you do

Who said Martial Arts training is only for the young? Not us!
You’re never too old to learn something new! Whether you’ve never tried it before or you have some experience, our Over 40 classes offer both  men and women a great way to stay active without the boring routines of a traditional gym. Learn self-defense and train your entire body in a low-impact setting that’s great for all skill levels.

Plus you will make new friends and have something exciting to tell your old friends about! They will be amazed at your new Martial Arts journey. .



Our high-energy Kids Martial Arts Classes are perfect for students of all ages and abilities, offering an exciting blend of stand-up karate and Jiu Jitsu training.

Plus, we cover important topics like bully prevention and peer pressure, providing students with a foundation for lifelong success.
Our goal at Family Jiu Jitsu is to surround students with new friends and classmates who can motivate them and make each class fun and exciting. Our dedicated instructors work with students of all skill levels – no prior experience is required

Kids Ages 4-7: The Kids course teaches young students the foundations of body movement and coordination. These little ones learn the importance of teamwork and communication and begin to understand focus and attention in a fun and non-intimidating environment.

Your child can build:
Body control and motor skills
Comfort in social situations
An ability to follow directions
Memory and retention

Juniors Ages 7-14: The Juniors classes are the perfect way to build well-rounded athletic skills, learn self-defense in a fun environment, and face challenges like bullies and peer pressure.

Students will develop:
Strength and agility
Respect for self and others
Self-defense skills for the real world and competition
Confidence in everything they do



At Family Jiu Jitsu Karate we believe we have formulated the best blend of stand-up Karate and ground-based Jiu Jitsu self-defense. Our classes offer men, women, and children the opportunity to keep active and enjoy total-body results while learning self-defense for any situation. It really is the best of both worlds!
Our Jiu Jitsu classes for Kids, Juniors and Adults offer a fun and exciting curriculum and the motivation to dig deep and improve yourself week in and week out.

Some of the skills you will learn:
Ground grappling


Our Jiu Jitsu classes will push your mind to be more powerful as your body grows stronger and more efficient.

Some tools you will add to your toolkit include:

Attention to detail


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