My name is Edrik Williamson, I was born 28 September 1976. Originally I was born in California but I have been living in San Antonio, Tx since I was four years old. I have been with my wife Robin Seyler since we met in the military now fifteen years and change; but whose counting? I have Four children: Eric Williamson (26) living in California working currently Active Duty Marines, but transitioning to work for Wounded Warrior Program there. Myra Williamson (20) full time college Nurse Practioner at The University of Texas Arlington. Aiden Williamson (12) currently homeschooled with a 3.88 GPA. Adonis Williamson (11) currently homeschooled with a 4.0 GPA and in advanced Math, Reading, and English. I graduated East Central High School in 1994 continuing to work as paid interim and full time Architecture college student at The University of Texas at Austin.

My second year in college I joined the U.S. Army to help in assistance with my tuition, that thrust me into fifteen and one half years of Service. After two years in Korea, three and a half years stationed in Germany and onto FortHood, Tx; I mustered up a total of seven and one half years in deployments including one in Afghanistan on the first push assigned to 3rdCav (belonged to 1AD) OCT 2001- November 2002, The first push into Iraq 20 MAR 2003 with 3CAV & 1AD with subsequent deployments in Iraq totaling 4 all together last deployment ending December 14, 2008. I can not say it was at anytime a piece of cake, but I believe iron is forged by fire and 17 IED attacks on my vehicles I have driven over those years makes for some solid iron.

Growing up, I was a hard-headed boy who loved to fight and that carried throughout my life. I learned combative Kung Fu from a man I used to give a hard time and many headaches, but he passed away before I could really appreciate and thank him; I trained during the ages of 9 to 18. When I was in Korea NOV 98 – NOV 2000 I took up 2 years of Ninjitsu and American Kick Boxing. While in Korea being stationed on the DMZ we all did many tournaments to which I left my two year term with one loss out of 17 fights. I left Korea in December of 2000 and Due to workload and lack of schools near me; I was unable to continue my martial arts passion until after my Military Retirement. No matter the journey of ones life every encounter or experience has its’ place in what makes you. I began Jiu-Jitsu September 2012 with Professor Roland Torres with River City Martial Arts; I was 385lbs and could barely move even around myself, after one and a half years I lost 75 lbs and was taught how to not rely on my bad knees, but use my past martial arts experience to solidify the game I still use this day.

I moved to Pinnacle Martial Arts, March of 2013, with Professor Adeildo Melo Jose Junior, Professor Matthew Fox and Professor Robert Brown; because of the different belt system at the previous school I started over as a no stripe white belt. Understand Professor Torres just did not have day classes and lead to my move. I trained at Pinnacle for one and a half years losing 60 lbs learning to hunt submissions and what is known as “street” Jiu-Jitsu with the strict tutelage of Professor Junior then the importance of drill & the need of purpose from Professor Fox to which I earned my Blue Belt. When Professor Junior moved to Ohana Academy Alamo location AUG 2014, I was not far behind. Ever since Training again under Professor Junior now including Professor Gleidson ‘Poney’ Cutis and Professor Jason Yerrington I earned my Purple Belt. It was through Ohana I got to meet Professor (HANSHI) Jeff Bonugli who I want to be in my life as a person; not just a champion but an Icon. My Journey is far from over, many long to have that Black Belt adorn their stories, but I want the Coral Belt because if you’re not aiming for the top; it means you are looking to settle and I can’t think of a time in my life I longed do that once.