Always Wanted To Try Martial Arts But Not Sure Where To Begin?

Thank you to Contributing Blogger Alan Harvey

If you Google the word ‘motivation’ you’ll get an astronomical number: 1,200,000,000.  Clearly, the study of and a desire to acquire drive and motivation is a big deal.  This time of year people get pumped up to storm into the New Year with a new activity, yet fizzle out due to not having a vision or a plan.

In my opinion, nothing offers more applications in life than martial arts.  Take soccer for example. While in Germany, my son played on a fairly competitive team and had issues with larger kids running over him. Being smaller and intimidated can psych out a ten-year-old. Having never played soccer myself, I merely started teaching him some of the martial arts fundamentals of movement: balance, body awareness and mechanics. I won’t get into details, but let’s say in a few short weeks, the same kids who had been running over him were now avoiding him. His confidence began to soar.  Cross training is nothing new. Martial arts is cross training for life.  French soccer player Pogba cross trains kickboxing for an edge on the field. I would hate to get kicked by him.  In fact, there is a growing list of professional athletes who use combat sports to better their mental and physical game. No matter what sport you do, the confidence and control that you learn in individual combat sports transfers to better confidence and body awareness.

In the military, we have even adapted MMA style training and competitions into our physical fitness programs.  Check out this link to how the USMC uses Martial arts to foster leadership.

Okay, let’s say you’re not an athlete and you are thinking about trying martial arts for you and your kids. Maybe you’re overweight, haven’t done a sport or a workout since high school and doubt you’ll ever pry your kids away from the video games. Well, I am here to tell you: Step up and give BJJ a try.  Remember that your kids are the future, and right now, as parents, we’re failing to teach them to do difficult things.

Three more reasons why martial arts is beneficial for kids and adults:

1.    Martial arts has brain-enhancing benefits.  Whether young or old, the activity and focus of martial arts fosters keen attention to detail.

2.     An engaged brain forms new pathways and increases alertness. Martial arts, especially BJJ is a physical chess game that will have you quickly forgetting about your stressful day.  You will gain a great workout, improve physical fitness and enhance overall confidence.

3.    In case you haven’t heard about the detrimental effects of screen time–health/ on you and your kids, its time to physically do something instead of watching something. The cultural epidemic of staring at screens is having a detrimental effect on kids and parents. Get off the couch and get engaged.


If you’re looking for a Martial arts club to call home and live in the New Braunfels or San Marcos area, don’t be shy, come by and give it a try. You and your kids’ future health may depend on it.  Family Jiu-Jitsu and in New Braunfels and Fighteria in San Marcos.