Family Jiu Jitsu Reviews

  • Family Jiu Jitsu is amazing. The instructors are top notch and call out the best in every student. We’re not a class, we’re a family.

    New Testimonial from Kendall S
  • My kids and I absolutely love Family Jiu Jitsu Karate. Everyone is so welcoming and eager to help eachother learn. I'm so thankful to have been introduced to everyone here. It truly is another Family!!!

    New Testimonial from Yvonne M
  • Family Jiu Jitsu Karate is an awesome place to train. The instructors have incredible amount of global experience and a passion for teaching. The people that train here, train hard and help everyone, egos are not tolerated. Myself and 3 of my children train here and we all look forward to every class. All experience levels are welcome!

    New Testimonial from Luke C
  • I cannot even explain how amazing I feel tonight! I earned my blue belt tonight in jiu jitsu. For those who don't know what that means, it means I train anywhere from 2-4 nights a week (sometimes more when I train for tournaments) rolling around with my jiu jitsu family. I roll with kids, with other women, with big men and young teens. It means I have gone to tournaments and rolled with women in their 20's and 30's, I've rolled with a strained knee, strained elbows, bruised ribs, but still I roll. I encourage and tell the little girls and young teenage girls that train at our school that they also have the skills, determination, and will power to learn this beautiful art and be good at it. I cannot thank Johnny Copado and Jeff Bonugli enough for pushing me as much as they do and for the encouraging words and insight I get from Professor Jason Yerrington. And a special thank you to my little man, Eric, for choosing jiu jitsu over all other sports and letting his mama train, too. Thank you to Grand-Master Cristobal Lopez, Professor Bruno Alves, and Professor Gleidson "Poney" Cutis for being there tonight. Most importantly, I cannot leave out my rolling partner and beautiful niece who never let's her Tia give up and makes sure I train even when I don't feel like it. Love you, Alyssa.

    New Testimonial from Suzanne Z
  • Thanks for the sore muscles, great � workout and superior instruction. Been doing martial arts or grappling in some capacity since the late 80’s and felt instantly at home here. No attitude just pros.

    New Testimonial from Alan H
  • This is much more than a gym or dojo. It says it in the name, it's FAMILY. Teaching young children to adults the importance of martial arts in life... I have never seen my daughter as confident as she is now and I know that wouldn't be so without jiu jitsu. This is our home away from home!

    New Testimonial from Alyssa G

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